SUMMARY: Natalidae
Common Name
: Funnel-eared bats, Long-legged bats
Taxonomy: One genus, 5 species
Distribution: New World bats. Central and South America - and islands. Tropical lowlands.
Fossil Record:
Size Range: Head and body length: 35 - 55 mm, forearm 27 - 41 mm, 4 - 10 grams
Insect feeder.

Small, slim with high domed head. Large funnel shaped ears and long, slender wings, tail and legs, small eyes.

Adult males have a bulbous natalid organ that lies just below the skin of the forehead; its function is not known. Cells show resemblance to sensory cells but may also be glandular. Long fur.

fluttery, erratic “moth like” flight style

Separation of sexes when young born.

(from the books "Bats - A Natural History" and from "Walker's Bats of the World")